Water Pumps
EcoPlus offers a full selection of premium fixed flow, adjustable flow and bottom draw pumps to accommodate any indoor or outdoor gardening application. Reliable, quiet and specifically designed for gardening.
Water Aeration
Proper aeration is an essential ingredient in indoor and outdoor gardening. EcoPlus builds a complete selection of air pumps, air stones, air discs, manifolds, diffuser rings, bubblers and air diffusers for recreational and commercial gardeners.
EcoPlus chillers are ideal for recreational and commercial use in reservoirs, hydroponic systems and fresh and saltwater aquariums. EcoPlus chillers feature high performance titanium heat exchangers for optimum corrosion resistance and performance.
What is new?
Bottom Draw Pumps
EcoPlus® Convertible Bottom Draw Water Pumps Another first for EcoPlus! The Eco Plus Convertible Bottom Draw Pump is the first application-specific pump designed for hydroponic use. The bottom draw inlet allows the pump to operate in less than ½ inch of water. With an interchangeable outlet fitting, this line of pumps fits almost all hydroponic applications. The convertible outlet allows the pump to be used in either a horizontal or vertical position providing the flexibility for the best water flow option for the application it’s being used in.
Mag Drive Utility Pumps
EcoPlus® Mag Drive Utility Pumps™ These are premium high performance, fixed flow water pumps with low power consumption and increased head pressure. EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pumps can be used as a submersible pump or in an external inline use with vertical output water flow. Quiet and reliable these pumps come standard with a 15 foot 120 volt power cord and include the following attachments/fittings: 1 inlet screen with foam sediment pre-filter, 1 bottom draw adapter, 3 sizes of barbed outflow fittings and two sizes of barbed inflow fittings for optional external inline operation. Models 748460, 748465 and 748470 also include a garden hose outflow fitting. The inclusion of these attachments makes the EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pumps the industry’s most complete and versatile fitting package currently offered on the market!
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